One recommendation is worth a thousand ads

If your clients just arrive and leave...

why don’t to make the most of their visits to get recommendations?

Available for any type of business.

GoAndLike is a very open and configurable system that can be used in any real-world business.

  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs and coffeshops
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Hotels
  • Travel agencies
  • ...

Experience at Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

GoAndLike premieres at Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum on the occasion of the celebration of International Museum Day.


GoAndLike is a tool to generate recommendations and make them viral as well as to stand out your clients as prescriptors that are recommending your establishment among their followers and friends.

How does it work?

GoAndLike is a pioneer tool, because it is the only one that bring the "Like" button from social networks to the "offline" world and connects in real-time those "Likes" made ​​in situ with Facebook and Twitter profiles of each participant..

1. Ranking of recommendations

Your clients vote those products of your establishment they like the most, creating a ranking of the most recommended.

2. In situ

To participate in the voting and ranking, they only have to scan a QR code with their smartphones.

3. Real-time

Those “likes” are shown immediately in the social networks and website of your business, as well as in the participant’s. Offline and online are totally interconnected.

4. Virality

When voting, your clients can share their location and the product they like in your establishment, so they become prescriptors of your business among their contacts in social media.

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A different tool

GoAndLike is completely different from other applications or tools that apparently may have the same functionalities:

One recommendation is worth a thousand ads

There’s nothing more trustworthy than a recommendation from other users.

Beyond the "Like" to your establishment

Maybe your clients are already fans of your establishment in social media, but now, using GoAndLike they are able to vote and recommend each of your products.

Real-time rankings

The preferences of your clients are shown automatically.

More reach to your establishment

The user can share each "Like" with his contacts in social media.

We speak your clients' languages

Spanish and english, and soon Catalan, Euskera, Galego, French, German, Italian, Russian...

There is no negative opinions

Visitors just vote with "Likes".

Nothing to download and install, it's a WebApp

Your clients don't need to install another app to use GoAndLike, they'll just use their smartphones rightaway.

This product is no longer available. Sorry!